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Wellness Wednesday: Christmas Tree Edition!

Many of us bring big beautiful Christmas trees into our homes during the holiday season. For those that have artificial evergreens, this means putting away the decorations and storing the tree in its rightful box. But for those with real hardwood trees, there is a new task to complete before the new year. What do you do with that tree that you’ve loved and enjoyed so much the last few weeks?

Instead of trashing your tree this year, here are a few things you can do to help the magic of your tree last a while longer! Repurpose and reuse at your own risk though, folks!

  • Consider replanting your tree in your yard so it could become a home for wildlife right out where you can enjoy it! Hardwoods are resilient and often-times still take root after being cut for many weeks.
  • Have a large body of water on your property, like a pond? Check with local authorities first but considering rolling your tree until it’s submerged in the water as a place for fish to hide and for algae to grow to feed those fish! No pond? Take a small branch to add to your fish tank!
  • Cut the trunk into festive drink coasters and finish with varnish. If you’re real fancy you can even use a wood burning engraving kit to customize them!
  • Save the small branches and add to water with spices to place on top of your woodburning heat source for a way to freshen up the smells in your home.
  • Repurpose branches for picture frames or next year’s wreath
  • Line your walkways with branches and trimmings!
  • Mulch it!
  • Burn your tree (outdoors!) and use the ash to make homemade soap!
  • Use the branches as compost starter. Layer several branches on the bottom before starting the pile as a means of allowing air flow underneath!
  • Use it to protect your garden bedding. The branches can be cut and layered over the area of your garden to keep plants from being directly hit by frost and snow!

If you aren’t on board with DIY repurposing, it’s okay, we still have a great resource for you! Here you can find a list of places that will take your tree!

MEDare centers resume normal 8:00 am to 8:00 pm operating hours on December 26. Save My Spot options are available here, but there is no appointment necessary to be seen by our fabulous urgent care providers! If you aren’t feeling well, we are here and happy to help you Get Better. Faster!

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