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Six Facts You Need To Know About Lice

Bugs in general aren’t many people’s best friends. But those bugs that live in our hair and on our clothes are the fear of many households. I’m sure you’ve heard of them….lice.

But are they as scary as we think? You decide! Here are some facts from the CDC on those pesky, scalp itch inducing creepy crawlies.

  • Lice cannot jump. The old-taught way that lice hop to spread from person to person is simply not true.
  • Lice prime time is fall and winter, coinciding with cold and flu season.
  • Lice on human heads are exclusive to humans. So, don’t torture Rover with too many extra baths for fear of his carrying the pests.
  • While it’s safer not to share personal items, don’t worry too much about hanging up your winter hat or coat on the same rack as others. Lice can spread through shared towels or clothing that’s been in a shared space, but it isn’t common.
  • Lice do not spread disease. You’re more likely to get a secondary infection from scratching your scalp due to mild allergic irritation from their bites.
  • Lice infestations are not indicative of cleanliness for people’s homes or even their hygiene. In fact, lice can hold their breath for several hours, so even frequent thorough showers and a spotless home won’t necessarily keep them at bay.

What happens if lice befall your household? No worries! For treatment and advice on how to get lice gone come see us at your favorite center or visit a local pharmacy for over the counter options!

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