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What does Exercise have to do with Flu Season?

January has passed, and as we move through February it’s easy to lose steam with our resolutions from the new year- like exercising more often or even just getting started. The hard part is remembering what we are looking for as a result of exercise. For some it’s a change in appearance, which isn’t all that inspiring as our world starts to recognize that health and beauty are not numbers on scale. Well, what if our relationship with exercise was applicable to flu season? An article published with support from the National Institutes of Health links these facets of health.

Apparently, the type of exercise you participate in can influence the severity and likelihood of respiratory tract viral infections (like the flu!). According to the article, intense exercise over prolonged periods causes immunosuppression. However, moderate intensity exercise over the same time span improves immune functions. So leading up to and throughout flu season it stands to reason that we should adjust our exercise regimens accordingly. Of course, a healthcare provider can give you the safest advice, but it’s a whole new way to look at exercise- as part of our flu fighting toolkit!

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