Flu Update – 1/16/2018

The state of South Carolina is seeing Widespread flu activity for the fourth straight week, and flu-related deaths are already up to 15 in the state.

Why is the flu spreading so fast and so dangerous this year? Because we’re dealing with the H3N2 strain – a strain of the A virus that is more difficult to prevent and causes more health issues than the other strains.

What does this mean for us? Australia was struck with the H3N2 virus earlier this year, and they saw a 2.5x increase in the number of flu cases compared to last year. It’s possible we could see a similar increase.

South Carolina Counties Most Affected by the Flu

The most impacted counties so far are:

  • Greenville: 948 cases
  • Richland: 678 cases
  • Spartanburg: 344 cases
  • Charleston: 331 cases
  • Lexington: 301 cases
  • Beaufort: 187 cases
  • and Greenwood: 160 cases

Map Source: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/weekly/usmap.htm

Year to Year Flu Season Comparison

Based on this years trendline, we could expect a peak flu season in the upcoming weeks. If you have not received your flu vaccine, please into your closest MEDcare to receive one.

Data Source: SCDHEC Flu Watch

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