Five Tips to Manage Dry Skin

February 16, 2022

Did you know that having dry, itchy, or cracked skin during the winter is more common than not?  The cold, brisk air can leave your skin feeling chapped and dried out.  Below we have a few tips to help alleviate and prevent dry skin!


  • Hydrate from the inside.  A helpful step to healthy, glowing skin is staying hydrated.  Not drinking enough fluids can dry your skin out and leave your skin dull in appearance.


  • Cover exposed skin while outdoors. Cover as much of your skin as possible when outside. Scarves keep the skin around your neck and on your face safe from whipping winds that will dry out your skin. Gloves are the best way to keep your hands from getting chapped. Apply lip balm throughout the day as needed to keep your lips moist.


  • Dial down shower temperatures and shorten shower time. That long, hot shower may be hard to resist, but it is drying out your skin’s natural oils.  Doctors suggest a lukewarm shower no longer than five to ten minutes.


  • Moisturize right after showering. Showering opens the pores of your skin, allowing moisture to escape. Using a quality moisturizer immediately after patting dry with a towel will help to replace moisture and keep it in.  Creams and ointments with added thickness work better than lotions.


  • Use a humidifier. Using your heat during the winter months dries out the air. The use of a humidifier helps add the moisture back into the air.


Most of the time dry skin is just temporary.  If you start to notice redness, swelling, excessive itchiness, or crusting it may be something more serious.  If you have attempted these tips with no help, contact a health care provider.


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