6 Tips for Storing Christmas Supplies!

December 29, 2021

We’ve all been there… Christmas is over and it’s time to pack up and clean our homes before the new year.  The only problem is you have no idea where to start, right? How do we put away our Christmas ‘stuff’? For some, our Christmas decorations are tied to precious memories. For others, décor is a way of surrounding ourselves with something a little extra jolly. Below we have a few hacks to help assure those articles of our memories are stored safely AND our décor is organized properly for stress-free decorating next holiday season!

  1. Before you take down your décor, snap a photo of what everything looks like. This will help you remember exactly where you like things and how to decorate next holiday season.
  2. Think green; use reusable egg cartons or upcycled beverage trays to pack ornaments. Leftover tissue or wrapping paper from opening presents, that can make great cushion for breakables, too!
  3. Use large plastic bins to store décor and other larger décor items. Preferably the bins should be clear, but if not make sure to label, label, label! When labeling, think about things like which room the décor will go in (because we all know someone with a tree in every room!), if it’s an outdoor item, or if it belongs in a certain place (like stockings in the living room or Christmas place settings in the dining room).
  4. Wrap strands of Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard for groan-free future tree lighting. Don’t forget to keep the extension cords with them!
  5. Hanging them is the best way to keep your wreaths in the most pristine condition. If you have space in a closet in your home, hang wreaths on a rack and cover with a plastic bag (bonus tip: add a dryer sheet in with it to keep things fresh).
  6. Wrapping paper is a great thing to buy at after-Christmas sales, but not always the easiest to store. Use a see-through garment bag for dust-free and easily accessible wrapping paper. You could also repurpose an over-the-door shoe organizer from the dollar store. Just use scissors to cut open the bottoms of the pockets in the top and middle rows then slide the tubes through the pockets and let them rest in the lowest pockets. Throw in a pair of scissors and roll of tape for a gift-wrapping kit you can count on!

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