Patients deserve simple, easy-to-understand information about the cost of their care. We’re committed to making the patient experience as smooth as possible.

To honor our commitment to an easy, awesome and affordable experience, MEDcare Urgent Care Center offers a specially-priced program for our neighbors and guests who do not have health insurance.

To make things easy, we’ve created three simple types of visits: Standard visits, Procedure visits (like laceration repair, simple fracture care, or other minor surgeries), and Comprehensive visits. This way, you have the information about what the costs may be before your visit starts.

To make things affordable, we have created a specialized system that allows us to keep costs low.

 Additional services vary in cost: send-out labs, vaccines, immunizations, drug screens. This program is not an insurance plan and is available only when paid at time of service. This program is subject to change without notice and other restrictions may apply. 

Affordable Care Plan Services

  • $125 Standard Visit
    • $195 Procedural Visit
      • $250 Comprehensive Visit