Employee Spotlight

Spotlight Award Winners

MEDcare Urgent Care is proud to announce our spotlight award winners.  The winners are nominated by their peers and then selected by the senior management team to acknowledge their outstanding display of the MEDcare Urgent Care core values.  Showcased here are some of the statements provided by MEDcare employees to nominate their peers.

MedTech Spotlight Award

Sam Gibson

photo 2
Sam Gibson has been working for MEDcare for 2 ½ years and is known for her charismatic personality and infectious smile.
She is always willing to help others to include her internal customers (co-workers) and her external customers (patients) to provide the best possible service. Sam is very knowledgeable of the MEDcare way and continues to be a dedicated MEDcare employee. She is extremely educated in her profession and is able to prioritize her job duties in order to do what is best for the patient.

“She always has a smile on her face and brings joy to our work day”, says MEDcare co-worker.

Scribe Spotlight Award

Gloria Garcia

Gloria Garcia has been working for MEDcare for 4 years and continues to be one of our star employees.  She is being recognized for her outstanding performance as a scribe.  Gloria excels in communicating clearly, candidly, simply, and repeatedly while supporting the entire team.  Gloria consistently sets high standards and expectations for herself and team members across the enterprise.  She is a dependable “human” resource for when you need help and always willing to take the extra initiative for finding solutions. No matter what type of patient volume or severity, Gloria helps make the whole day run easy and awesome.

“She communicates clearly with her team and is a phenomenal leader, teacher, trainer, mentor, and resource” , says MEDcare co-worker.

Medical Office Assistant Spotlight Award

Cheyenne Arnold

Cheyenne Arnold has been working for MEDcare for 2 years and has become an expert in the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) position. She has the ability to multi task well, efficiently manage the front desk and provide awesome customer service to our patients.   She recently demonstrated outstanding teamwork by single handedly setting up the Spartanburg Clinic front desk area prior to the opening. She has been a dependable employee and continues to grow within the company- Most recently transitioning into the scribe position.   She is always willing to lend a helping hand, share her knowledge and expertise and is quick to congratulate the team on a job well done.

“Cheyenne is one of those workers that will get the job done with a smile no matter what” , says MEDcare co-worker.

X-Ray/CT Spotlight Award

Nikki Strickland

photo 4
Nikki Strickland has been working for MEDcare for over 3 years and brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to our imaging specialist team.  She is well trained in the MEDcare process and is willing to support new employees with the ins and outs of CT/X-ray job duties.  Nikki is always very pleasant, full of energy and has a passionate attitude about helping people both internally and externally. She works well across the enterprise assisting with other clinics where needed.  Nikki communicates clearly and concise. She is a valuable resource for training and is quick to help the patient and anybody else.

“She brings energy, passion, and enthusiasm to work every day”, says MEDcare co- worker.

Center Manager Spotlight Award

Piper Moore

Piper Moore has been with MEDcare for 2 years and manages the West Columbia Clinic and team.  She has a devoted team that loves her dearly and believes she is truly the best!  Piper is a real team leader that commands respect, intense concentration and complete patient care.  She starts and ends with high expectations but also believes that fun team work is a must. She has worked the hardest, longest, and sacrificed the most out of all us.
“Just by being around her you want to be a better employee and make her proud.” , says MEDcare co-worker.

Physician Spotlight Award

Dr. Kalpesh Purohit

photo 3
Dr Purohit has been with MEDcare for one year and does an exceptionally well job communicating with the staff. He is very patient and really has a talent for effectively communicating with the staff to provide thorough explanations and education on current topics. He is quick to provide clear understanding throughout the shift when it comes to patient care and necessary procedures as things develop within the clinic. If ever he is asked a question about an exam or test results, Dr Purohit is willing to teach you. This is beneficial and assists all of us internally in making better experiences for the patients, by giving knowledge to the staff.

“Dr Purohit makes even high volume days fun for the staff”, says MEDcare co-worker.

Business Management Spotlight Award

Ariel Fox

photo 1
Ariel Fox joined MEDcare approximately 2 years ago and is admired throughout the enterprise for her passion, professionalism and pleasant personality. For new employees she provides valuable support throughout the transition of relocating and/or starting a new job.  She brings energy, passion and enthusiasm throughout the entire hiring process – allowing you to start your new career off great!  Ariel processes a very friendly and approachable personality to MEDcare allowing employees to feel confident in reaching out to her for questions, concerns and resources. Ariel delivers all employee experiences in an awesome matter and makes things SO much easier for all of us in the clinics.

“She is great at doing her job, and wants to make sure that we all strive to be great at ours too.”, says MEDcare co- worker.